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Before I found Jamberry Nails, I had just decided to quit my full time, salaried, web development job. Staring down the barrel of a daunting new moneyless career path known as Stay at home Mom, I knew I needed something to keep me connected to reality. Four months in (and totally in love with my daughter) I woke up one day to a dirty, unshowered, greasy pony-tailed, naked-faced me and wondered how had I let myself go? I was always on top of trends, always had makeup on, (almost) always had my hair styled… at what point did I decide that I wasn’t important enough to be a priority in my own life? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my daughter and she is worth every moment that I sacrifice my own appearance for, but at some point, I needed to spend some time keeping up me.

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Even before I became pregnant, I had given up on nail polish, then with the toxins and smells, I couldn’t bring myself to step inside of a salon being pregnant or with a baby. I had some of the pricey Sally Hansen quick dry stuff at home that dried in the bottle way before I got even halfway through it. And on the rare occasion it made it to my nails, it was chipping within 24 hrs, if I didn’t manage to ruin it before it ‘quick’ dried….

One day I got a notification on FB that I had been invited to a Facebook Jamberry party for a fellow mommy friend. I browsed around the site but was skeptical and a bit overwhelmed by all the designs. I always thought of myself as simple and I just wanted a few solid colors with maybe an accent nail here or there. I fell into the current special, and bought 3 with a 4th free. The consultant was a family friend and I am always willing to purchase from the Direct Sales companies to help support friends and family. I paid and completely forgot about the order within minutes as I got up to attend to a cranky baby.

Days later, I got a pretty purple envelope in the mail! (Honestly, they had me at that because purple is my favorite color and I love getting pretty mail :) I brought the wraps inside and once Emily was down for bed that night, I snuck away to spend 30 minutes on pampering myself. I took a super nice long bath, blow dried my hair, relaxed and sat to attempt the nail wraps. The wraps were way easier to apply than I anticipated! I’m not a fan of the loud blow-dryer so I actually used my hair straightener which puts off a massive amount of heat just sitting there. It didn’t take me long to do all ten fingers and then off I went to bed, exhausted, and back on baby duty. I loved not having to worry about wet paint or bedsheet imprinted nails.

Within days, I received so many compliments on my nails I couldn’t keep track! And I couldn’t believe they didn’t chip or peel! I wore my first set for at least three weeks! And unlike gel nails, when I went to take them off, all I had to do was break the seal and peel it off (I was unaware of the coconut oil method yet and they were on so long, the adhesive had weakened a little)! No digging and jackhammering at ‘permanent’ paint. No soaking in nail polish remover for 20 minutes with tin foil fingertips. My nails looked flawless underneath and had grown so long! I was in love and immediately washed my hands to put on a new set!

A few months later, I wanted to reorder and I figured, why not host and get them free :) I contacted a consultant and invited her to have a party with me and my friends. It was a super small in home party (just me and three friends) but we had a blast and everyone loved the wraps! We ran an online Facebook party the following week and my party sales soared over $500! I couldn’t believe how easily they sold, with little to no effort on my part! With the great party sales, I was able to put a portion of my hostess reward credit towards the starter kit, and I signed up to be a consultant! Now, months later, I’ve made more money than I can believe with Jamberry. Mike and I have decided to use the money as our vacation fund this year :D And I can’t wait to share all of our new adventures with you!

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