Applying Jamberry Juniors to your kids

Jamberry Juniors are amazing for fancying up your little’s nails. No paint, no mess, no dry time! Seriously, how have these not been around forever?

They’re essentially the same as the adult/regular sized wraps, just smaller to accommodate smaller nail beds. For $15 you still get your money’s worth too, Jamberry sells the same size sheet just with 42 wraps instead of 18. The junior wraps come with 2 designs so you don’t have 42 wraps of the same color. You’ll have 14 of the top design and 28 of the bottom design. That’s about 5 applications per sheet!



“Say Megan, they’re cute but how the heck do you get them on?”

While I don’t have any personal experience as my daughter is still a baby, I found some great youtube videos from fellow mommies that share their best tips and tricks. The biggest complaint I’ve heard is that they can fall off pretty quickly. My advice is to triple prep the nail beds so there are no oils before you apply them! Wash their hands with dawn original dish soap and rinse well, then pat dry. Use an alcohol/acetone soaked cotton ball to wipe them down once while getting ready and then once more again before you apply each nail. Little children produce a lot more skin oils than adults do so its easier for the cuticle oils to affect the application.

Applying Jamberry Juniors to a little girl:

and for toddlers:

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