How to Fix Wrinkles in your Jams

Like everyone has a unique fingerprint, everyone has a unique nail shape and one size certainly does not fit all. I have half mostly curved nails that wear Jams like a pro, but for some reason my pointer fingers are much more dome shaped. They wrinkle almost immediately and its infuriating! I’ve finally found a way to cure the wrinkle with just a little extra effort at application time.

2015-03-24 13.55.41

First, get one of these:


It’s called a Spoon Pusher and I promise you won’t regret it ;) but be careful with them as they can remove layers of your nail if you use too much force on a naked nail. I got mine off of Amazon for super affordable and it’s stainless steel which is great quality!

Make sure you have a good heat source. I LOVE my Jamberry heater but prior to purchasing it, I used my hair straightener on super hot – I hated the sound/wind of the blow dryer… I’ve even had a friend use her stove once out of desperation. Please be smart when heating your Jams and don’t catch on fire/burn your house down!


Once I have my Jam’s applied and I’ve let them settle for a few minutes (and inevitably wrinkle), I take the spoon pusher, heat it in front of the heater for about 20 seconds, then I use it to iron out the wrinkles in my Jams. I’ll make sure it really heats the wrinkled part of the wrap and put a little downwards pressure on it like I would a deep wrinkle in my clothes while ironing…

2015-03-24 13.59.20

This method totally extends my Jamicure and keeps it wrinkle free. If a wrinkle does pop up, I’ll try to iron it back down as soon as possible and provided nothing oily has gotten under the wrap, it’ll usually stay back down.

**I apologize for my nail growth/poor cuticle appearance… winter has been rough and this particular Jamicure has been on for about 9 days now, I was just touching up a nail and decided to share my trick ;)**

Tried this and had it work for you? Show me some love and share this post!

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